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Fort Lauderdale Information

The yachting hubs get tend to get very busy with crew houses known to be fully booked from somewhere around the end of March throughout June and then again between October and December-ish.

If you decide to stay in a crew house, then you are recommended to make a reservation WELL IN ADVANCE!! It is always a good idea to bring a printed confirmation (or a screenshot) just in case there will be problems with your booking.

Alternatively, you also have the option of staying in a hostel. is an awesome hostel-search engine, where you can see photos and compare hostels not just locally but also worldwide. It is well worth checking out!


Anchored Crew House
SE 14th Court, Fort Lauderdale
Tel: +1 954 235 0589

The Beach Hostel “Ft Lauderdale”
2115 N. Ocean Blvd. Fort Lauderdale Fl. 33305
Tel: 001 954 567 7275

The Chocolate Hostel
506 SE 16th ST
Tel: 001 954-522-6350

Bluebell Crew Casa
613 SE 15th ST
Tel: +1 954 793 8556

BTI Accommodation
1315 SW 4th Ave
Tel: +1 954-806-2095 / +1 954-599-4151

Camille Accommodation
415 SE 15th ST
Tel: +1 954 504 2822

The Cove
1733 SW 13 ST
Tel: +1 954 881 9173

Crew Haven 1501

Email: / Contact form on website

Tel: +1 845 313 4687



Joanne’s Crew House “Ft Lauderdale”
916 SE 12t’ ST Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316
Tel: +1 954 527 1636

Mary’s Crew Houses “Ft Lauderdale”
816S.E. 12th ST Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316
Tel: +1 954 242 1109

Maxwell’s Crew House
Tel: +1 952 288 3722

The Officers Quarters
Tel: +1 954-363-0910

Sam’s Crew Castle
Tel: +1 954 931-8945

Sea Park Crew House
Tel: 001 954-205-9999 or 001 305-790-1179


The Avenue Crew House
Tel: +1 315 572 0215 / +1 315 572 1065

Cotton Crew Housing
Tel: +1 561 310 3477


Smart Move
716 SE 17th ST, Fort Lauderdale
Tel: +1 954 525 9559

Yachty Rentals
Tel: +1 954 226 9177

Looking for an apartment to share with a few good likeminded folks?

The Avenue Crew House
Tel: +1 315 572 0215 / +1 315 572 1065

Cotton Crew Housing
Tel: +1 561 310 3477

Smart Move
716 SE 17th ST, Fort Lauderdale
Tel: +1 954 525 9559

Yachty Rentals
Tel: +1 954 226 9177

Looking for an apartment to share with a few good likeminded folks?

Public transport in Fort Lauderdale is reasonably good, although many choose to rent a car or a scooter to get around. Other than a plethora of car rentals, you have the option to travel on airport shuttles, buses, taxis, the Sun Trolley, Uber/ Lyft as well as the train (TriRail) .

Traveling by public transport in South Florida is fairly easy, although during the evenings or on public holidays your options can be somewhat limited. If you are new to the area, just tell the driver where you need to go, and he will normally let you know when to get off.

As nearly anywhere in the world, when you use public transport, please

Watch your belongings when using public transportation. Cases of crew having lost bags, phones etc. have been reported in the past.

With that said, only very few experience problems of that kind.

In the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area you will find the following options;


On the Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport homepages you will find the latest flight info updates as well as info about your ground transport options around South Florida.

Airport Shuttles:

The Super Shuttle Express has been around for a long time and is very popular with crew, tourists and business travellers alike. You have the option for private transportation as well as for shared rides by minibus (which are reasonably economical). Prices vary on your destination but are slightly cheaper than Lyft and Uber. You can book your shuttle here.


Single fares start at 2 dollars with various other options for multi-day or multi-fare passes at significantly reduced prices. Exact fare is required as the driver doesn’t carry change. For more information check out the Broward County Transport website. To get on the bus from the airport go to bus stop 7 by the Rental Car Center from where you can catch the BCT Route 1. All BCT routes can be found here.

Sun Trolley (Fort Lauderdale Community Shuttle):

YES, there is a FREE shuttle operating with five different routes around Fort Lauderdale including connections to/from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, the TriRail station, along the beach and downtown among others. From the airport the shuttle runs every hour from the lower level of T1, between T2/T3 and between T3/T4.

The individual routes can be located here.


The Tri-Rail train runs between Miami Airport and Mangonia Park, one stop beyond West Palm Beach. It is a cheap option to get to/from Miami Airport or Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, although you will need to get additional transport from the Tri-Rail stations in Fort Lauderdale (200 SW 21st Terrace) and Fort Lauderdale Airport Station to get to your crew house. In Fort Lauderdale Airport you will find free shuttle buses at the lower level of T1 (West end), between T2/T3 and between T3/T4. Admittedly, the airport shuttle will be a lot more convenient, although slightly more pricey.

Broward BCycle:

Broward BCycle describes their bike service as ”the no-hassles, no-polluting, green transportation solution to parking fees and gas prices”. What is there not to love about that!! On top of that you also get to stretch your legs, and if you can keep your ride to less than 30 mins, it doesn’t cost you a cent. You can find their bike-stations between Hollywood in the South, along SE 17th Street and up the beach as well as in downtown Lauderdale and up to Pompano Beach in the North. For rates and locations visit their website.

Remember to return the bicycle to a Bicycle station!
Drive carefully. Fort Lauderdale is not a bike friendly city. It is recommended to wear a bike helmet at all times!

Uber / Lyft:

Both services work great in Florida. Download the app and book your ride – simple as that!


Dockwalking is not legal for foreign crew without a US work permit. A B1/B2 visa is not considered a work permit.


Here are a few pointers for first-time dockwalkers;

  • Daywork is often given to those, who arrive on the docks at 8am, dressed as a yachtsman (nice polo, khaki, black or blue shorts/pants/skirt and boat shoes), shaved, friendly and smiling. Girls, no need to overdo the make up. Hair tied up is fine. In other words; look professional.
  • Bring work clothes in your backpack, so you are ready for some dirty work.
  • Leave your skateboard at home some people say, although these days more and more are lenient about it. It’s your call, how you want to appear, but you do manage to cover a lot more ground, as you do with a bicycle which still seems more accepted. It is a hit or miss all depending on the person you speak to.
  • Make sure you have plenty of business cards printed up, keep your cv to 2 pages max (print on both sides) and stick it in a plastic sleeve (that increases the chances for it to actually reach the Captain’s desk!).
  • A good trick is to look on or to check on the names of the yachts in the harbour, then write them down. Each day see if new boats have entered the harbour against your list and go approach them first thing in the morning, while the deck crew is not too busy yet. Just be quick and precise, as they might have a short turn around before the next charter!
  • Try your luck in some of the smaller marinas as well. Perhaps, you will not find any large yachts, but small yachts can also do with a helping hand every once in a while – and you will have little competition there!
  • Another good time to look for work is between 16-17.00, when Captains and senior crew have a better idea about the following day’s schedule and workload.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the same boats often. Just because they don’t have work today, doesn’t mean there will be none tomorrow or next week. It shows tremendous character. Some captains/first officers would see that resilience and give you work, whether temp or permanent.
  • If you see a yacht about to dock or about to leave offer to take the lines, when they throw them ashore. The crew will guide you where to put them. Once they have docked and the Mate (the guy guiding the captain into the berth over the radio) has a free moment, ask him if you can pass him your CV. Chances are they may be looking for a dayworker over the coming days, so don’t be shy!
  • When you are done dockwalking, meet up with other dockwalkers for a beer or a coffee in the afternoon (if you haven’t already). You can also head down to the beach together for a day out or perhaps go for a pizza later in the evening. Start getting some networking going and help each other. There is no doubt that networking is the most helpful tool you can use to find a job on a yacht – everyone does it, no matter the rank.


  • IF the yacht is busy with OWNERS/CHARTER, please do not disturb but continue to the next boat down the dock instead. A dead give away are flowers on the aft deck, crew in formal uniforms and of course guests/owners on deck.
  • At times crew has the weekend off (yes, it happens – sometimes). Try not to turn yourself into a “Dockstalker”, so RESPECT that and don’t disturb them by ringing doorbells on Saturdays and Sundays or any day outside 08.00-17.00 hrs. Neither during the lunch break, unless you see crew on deck, of course. Lunch is generally between Noon – 1pm or 1pm -2pm.

Finding out which ports are most popular with superyachts is essential to dockwalkers, obviously. Pick the brains of the others staying in your crew house or hostel. They will most likely know where to go. Some marinas will be much better for dockwalking than others. Some may be gated, while others may have easy access. Some may have lots of large yachts, while others are for small pleasure yachts with no professional crew on board.

And then there are the shipyards, where there is always work going on. They will usually have security by the gate, often with strict security measures. There is a good reason for that; other than providing security for their clients, with a lot of heavy machinery moving around and the type of work going on, dockwalking can be dangerous, in particular for newcomers to the industry. Generally, dockwalking is not recommended in shipyards. Instead try and meet crew in the yachty bars, where many will be hanging out after work.


Dockwalking is not legal for foreign crew without a US work permit. A B1/B2 visa is not considered a work permit.


Finding daywork is essential to your success with landing a job on a yacht. Through daywork you will learn so many new things, among others about life on board and how to do various jobs. Do notice that certain jobs are done differently from boat to boat, so pay good attention to the directions you are being given by the crew. What worked on the last boat you dayworked on may not work on this one!

Instead of posting jobs online or going through crew agents, some yachts hire dayworkers without telling them that there may be a position available on board. Supposing you are doing a great job, the captain will eventually make the decision whether or not he believes you fit in with the crew and possibly offer you a full-time position. If you are not offered a job, definitely pass your CV to either the captain or the Chief Officer / Chief Stewardess or Chief Engineer all depending on which department you have been dayworking in. Tell them you really enjoyed working with them and that you would like to be taken into consideration next time a position opens up. Meeting up for drinks after work is also a good way to get closer with the crew. It is all about networking!

Once you find daywork:

  • try to meet up 10 mins early for work every morning. Don’t ever be late – or hung over, for that sake… It will not hurt with a fresh daily shave either – it will be noticed. The Mate, Chief Stew and the Captain will remember you for either, so if you have hopes for landing a permanent job on board, then go out of your way to prove yourself.
  • Remember to take off your shoes before stepping on board (no shoes on deck is standard on ALL yachts – unless they are deck shoes, of course).

If the yacht is in a shipyard, ask if you may keep your shoes on, once the decks are covered This is  also a matter of safety. Broken toes and cut feet  are not at all uncommon on yachts.

  • If you are unsure about how to do a job, don’t be afraid to ask how they want it done and which products should be used. In fact, most officers appreciate when such questions are asked.
  • When you finish the job, you have been appointed, tell the crew instead of hanging around doing nothing/playing with your phone. Be a little bit proactive and do some cleaning in the area, you were working, if nobody is available. Always clean up after yourself in your workplace! Being nice and tidy will be noticed.
  • LIMIT YOUR MOBILE USE during work hours, and put it on silent (During breaks use of the phone is generally accepted but check with the department head first). Of course, if you are expecting a call from a boat regarding a job position explain so to the officer in charge. The best you can do is to leave your phone in your backpack, unless they use WhatsApp groups for work.

How much can you earn doing daywork?

Daywork rates for interior and exterior jobs vary slightly from boat to boat but count on somewhere between 100-120 Euros per day or 15 Euros per hour in the Med depending on experience and qualifications. In the US expect 120-150 USD or 15-20 USD per hour with little experience, but all the way up to 200 for the day with experience. These numbers may vary slightly depending on your experience and the yacht’s own policy.

Lunch is often offered on top of your salary, but not always.

Here is a list of marinas and shipyards popular with superyachts  in


  • Fort Lauderdale

Sunrise Harbor*

Hall of Fame Marina*

Bahia Mar Marina

Pier 66

Fort Lauderdale Hilton Marina

Lauderdale Marine Center**

Marina Bay*

Marina Mile Yachting Center**

Universal Marine Center**

Rolly Marine**

Bradford Marine**

Roscioli Yachting Center**

Derecktor Dania**

Seahaven Superyacht Marina

  • West Palm Beach


* Gated Marina

** Gated Shipyard – dockwalking not encouraged

You can use MarineTraffic to see how busy the various ports in your area are.

Where to look for daywork online?

Crew agencies may post daywork from time to time, but you will be best off  using the Facebook groups

as well as the job board on


Dockwalking is not legal for foreign crew without a US work permit. A B1/B2 visa is not considered a work permit.

There is little doubt that he large majority of crew jobs goes through word of mouth – far more than most will ever imagine!! For this reason, it is really important for you to start building a good network within the industry already from Day 1.

The more people, who knows you are looking for work, the larger are your chances of finding work. It is often seen that a yacht already employing a dayworker or two needs more dayworkers the following day. In such a case the captain will nearly always ask the dayworkers if they know of anyone else, who may be available. That’s where you get in the picture, but only if you have an established network. Here are a few of ideas of how to do that;

First off, establish a good reputation for yourself as being friendly and helpful – and be sociable.

  • When you do yachting courses meet up for a drink or two after training is over and connect with everyone attending the course on Facebook.
  • If you do your STCW and other entry-level training keep in touch with your fellow students.
  • Stay in a crew house instead of private accommodation.
  • If you stay in a crew house be sociable with everyone.
  • It is no secret that sailors like a drink or three. Neither is it a secret that the easiest way to meet yacht crew is either when dayworking or in the bars.
  • When you daywork, be friendly and sociable with everyone on board– without interfering with their work. You may run into them in the bar one of the coming days or perhaps in years from now on a different yacht!
  • Try not to miss out on any yachting events such as boat shows, crew events, webinars or crew dinners. These events will normally be announced ahead of time in the Yacht Crew Facebook groups, among others.
  • When you meet people in the industry, share your business card and within reason ask them if you may add that person on Facebook.
  • Use Facebook to build your network. Set up an account purely for yachting and add other yachties and industry professionals. Be active with posting photos etc., which gives them something to comment on. Make sure, they can tag you in job posts.
  • In the Facebook groups Fort Lauderdale Yacht Crew, Fort Lauderdale Yachties and Newport Yacht Crew (if you will be heading to New England) ask if anyone might be interested to meet up. You could ask if there is anyone from your country in town or if there is anyone interested in participating in an activity that you both share (rent a car together and go exploring for the weekend, go for a run, go to the beach, go on a hike, go to the movies, go for a drink, go to watch rugby or Champions League in a bar, go out for a pizza etc.). Use Facebook to your advantage.

After work many crew venture out for a few drinks just to get off the boat for a little while. Yachties tend to frequent the same bars, no matter where in the world, they are located. Unfortunately, some legendary bars and restaurants have shut down in South Florida over the years, often due to developers moving in. Fortunately, others have opened since then and will continue to do so.  Some of the more popular crew bars in South Florida are;

Fort Lauderdale

* Good for sports – Waxy’s and Marina 84 will usually show international Rugby and Soccer. Call ahead to hear if your game is on – or check their Facebook pages. Most bars will show the usual American sports such as baseball, basketball, football, hockey and golf.

You can also meet yacht crew in nearly any other local marina bar as well as along Lauderdale Beach.

Be social, open-minded and have fun! Just keep in mind that potential future employers or crew agents may also be frequenting those same bars. It may be easier said than done; behave…

Long story short, making a good name for yourself and being proactive in your quest to build a larger network will pay off, eventually. The more people you know, the larger are the chances that work will come to you. Good luck to you!!

Whether you are in town for a day, a week or an indefinite amount of time, there is always fun and a good time to be had in Fort Lauderdale and beyond! In South Florida you will find things to do for everybody whether it be shopping malls, concerts, museums, nature walks, dive- and fishing trips, world class golf courses, great restaurants and nightlife and not to forget the beaches, always perfect for people watching and a stroll along the sea.

Fort Lauderdale is also located very conveniently for those, who would like to explore beyond the city, in particular on weekends or days off. In a relatively short time you can hang out with Mickey Mouse in Disney World or the beautiful people on South Beach, watch a live space launch at the Kennedy Space Center, go for a dive in the Florida Keys, jump on an airboat tour of The Everglades or swim with manatees in the Crystal River. In fact, you are spoiled with options to choose between!


Roughly, count on the following approximate drive times from Fort Lauderdale (all depending on traffic);

West Palm Beach – 45 mins

Orlando – 3h 15 mins (DisneyWorld, Universal Studios, Sea World, Kennedy Space Center etc.)

Miami – 45 mins

Key Largo – 1h 40 mins

Key West – 4 hours

Everglades City – 1h 30 mins

Naples – 1h 40 mins

Tampa – 4h

Watch out for the Highway Patrol speed radars, in particular in the Florida Keys!!

In this section we have compiled 2 lists of things to do;

  • The top 10 things to do in Fort Lauderdale
  • The top 10 things to do in South Florida


  • Evening Off:
    • Escapology, Fort Lauderdale. 6 escape rooms and 6 different missions – do you have what it takes to escape?
  • Day Off:
  • Weekend Off:
  • Long Weekend:
  • Road Trip:
    • Bowling
      • Manor Lanes, Fort Lauderdale. Try the glow ball bowling on Friday and Saturday nights, karaoke or pool in the Sports Den Pub featuring more than 40 different craft beers and 17 HD flatscreens and a 9-foot video wall
      • Bowlero, Davie. 32 lanes, Arcade, Beer Pong, Corn Hole, Giant Jenga
      • Bowlero, Dania Beach. 30 lanes, Arcade and Sports Bar
      • AMF Pembroke Pine Lanes, Pembroke Pines. 32 lanes, Arcade, Billiards/Pool, On-site Pro shop, Sports Bar
    • Nexus Shooting – the world’s most advanced indoor shooting range
    • Extreme Action Park -largest indoor entertainment venue in Florida!
      • Go Kart Racing
      • Bowling Lanes
      • Ropes Course Adventure
      • Trampoline Park
      • Roller Skating Rink
      • Escape Rooms
      • Laser Tag
      • Virtual Reality Games
      • VR Escape Rooms
      • Arcade Game Room
      • Food & Sports Bar
      • Events & Team Building
    • K1 Indoor Carting and arcade center, Fort Lauderdale and Miami
    • Skeet Shooting at OK Corral in Okeechobee
    • Skydiving
    • Golf
    • Shark Diving with Shark Addicts in Jupiter
    • Flamengo Gardens, Davie. Indulge yourself in 60 acres of natural beauty in these gardens, where you can experience close to 3000 species of plants and trees including the largest tree in Florida! The wildlife sanctuary is home to Florida native wildlife such as alligators, bobcats, black bears, eagles, otters, panthers, peacock and flamingos. The butterfly and Hummingbird Garden and the Bird of Pry Center are also well worth the visit!
    • Birdwatching in The Everglades National Park – whether you are into nature photography or you are a seasoned ornithologist with more than 300 species to discover this barely gets any better!! Check out the trails here
    • Bird- and wildlife watching in the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge
    • Lion Country Safari, Loxahatchee. 4 miles of drive-through wildlife viewing and home to more than 900 animals!
    • Butterfly World, Pompano Beach. Explore 3 acres of butterfly- and tropical bird aviaries, botanical gardens and the working butterfly farm and research center
    • Monkey Jungle, Miami. Explore and experience up close animal encounters in this natural 30-acre Jungle park
    • Shark Diving with Shark Addicts in Jupiter
    • Clear kayak bioluminescent tours from Kiwanis Island Park near Cocoa Beach and the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge near Kennedy Space Center (North East Florida)
    • Kayak, swim or dive with Manatees in the Crystal River with the Crystal River Kayak Company (North West Florida)
    • Experience the Ginnie Springs by inner tube, kayak, paddle board or canoe with Ginnie Springs Outdoors (North West Florida)
    • Cave diving in the Ginnie Springs – fresh water springs so clearJacques Cousteau described his experience as “visibility forever!!”. (North West Florida)
    • Zoo Miami. View up towards 3,000 animals in lush, tropical, open-air exhibits. Activities include feedings, animal encounters and meeting the zoo keepers.
    • Airboat tour of The Everglades National Park. Spot alligators, birds and other wildlife while enjoying the beauty of this water wilderness. Price, length and standards of the tours will vary between tour operators. Check recent reviews here
    • Gator tours, The Everglades National Park. With an estimated 1.3 million gators living in The Everglades, gator tours and gator farm visits are high on any visitor’s list of things to do in South Florida. You can learn more about where to see alligators here . Some crew has recommended the Miccosukee Reservation from where you will also be able to do airboat tours of the Everglades
    • Hike or bike the plethora of nature trails in The Everglades National Park
    • Try Kayaking or canoeing the “River of Grass” – and camp in the wild in the Shark Valley, Everglades National Park
    • Camp or rent a houseboat in The Everglades National Park with Flamingo Adventures
    • NSU Art Museum, Fort Lauderdale
    • Lowe Art Museum, Coral Gables. Visit this well diversified art museum located on the grounds of University of Miami
    • Bonnet House Museum & Gardens. This historical 35-acre estate has been recommended by a significant amount of Florida based yachties and is well worth a visit on a day off for those with an interest in history, arts and nature.
    • Museum of Discovery & Science, Fort Lauderdale. Spend a day learning about the human body, space, local flora and fauna through interactive exhibits. The museum also hosts the Fort Lauderdale IMAX theatre
    • The Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum. 30,000 square feet full of some of the finest antique cars and memorabilia you can possibly imagine.
    • Yellow Green Farmers Market, Hollywood. Visit the many artisan and food stands on this weekend market, which also includes live music, yoga and dance classes
    • SWAP Shop, Fort Lauderdale
      • 88 acre fleemarket
      • Ferrari museum
      • Drive-in movie theatre (gate opens at 6pm. Movies start at 7pm)
    • Baseball; Florida Marlins, loanDepot Park, Miami
    • Basketball; Miami Heat, FTX Arena, Miami
    • Football; Miami Dolphins and Miami Hurricanes, Hard Rock Stadium, Miami
    • Golf;
    • Ice-Hockey; Florida Panthers, BB&T Center, Sunrise
    • Rodeo, Davie. Cowboys and Cowgirls compete for National Championship points at the Davie Pro Rodeo, one of the nation’s top rodeo venues. Check out the upcoming dates here
    • Soccer; Inter Miami, DRV PNK Stadium, Fort Lauderdale
    • Tennis;
    • Wrestling;

It always pays to book your tickets well in advance as some of these events will attract fans from all over the country if not from throughout the world. Tickets can be booked on Ticketmaster or via team/event web portals.


What does yacht crew do with their free time on days off in South Florida? It is not far from the truth to say that there is an option for each day of the year, yet crew often end up doing the exact same thing; either hanging out on board or going for drink somewhere along the beach. Admittedly, it is a bit of a generalisation, but most will probably agree that only a very small percentage of crew explore the many parks found in or around Broward County. Considering the many experiences there are to be had along with the opportunity to enjoy the local nature trails, this little mini-guide is meant to promote healthy and fun activities as well as to expand your knowledge of Fort Lauderdale and beyond.

Among others you will find activities such as

  • Camping
  • Nature Trails
  • Birding and wildlife viewing / photography
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Sports including;
    • water skiing / wake boarding
    • Kayaking
    • Canoeing
    • Golf
    • Tennis
    • Baseball
    • Softball
    • Football
    • Soccer
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Cricket
    • Disc Golf
    • Rollerblading
    • Equestrian Trails
    • Jogging Paths
    • Walking Paths
    • Bike Trails
  • Picnic Areas
  • Astronomy observatory (Markham Park)
  • R/C Crawler course (Markham Park)
  • Butterfly Gardens (Deerfield Island Park and Secret Woods Nature Centre)

You can read more about the parks and their facilities in the links below;




  • D Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park, Dania Beach, FL
  • Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Markham Park, Sunrise, FL
  • Tradewinds Parks & Stables – Coconut Creek
  • Quiet Waters Park, Deerfield Beach
  • Deerfield Island Park, Deerfield Beach
  • Plantation Heritage Park, Plantation, FL
  • Secret Woods Nature Centre, W.State Rd. 84, Dania Beach
  • Anne Kolb Nature Center, Hollywood
  • Tree Tops Park, Davie, FL






A number of private websites are loaded with useful information. It is also recommended to follow their Facebook and Instagram pages. These three are among the most popular:

  • New Times – Best of Miami – Best restaurants, clubs, bars, shopping, arts & entertainment, sports & recreation – you name it!
  • New Times – Best Bars Miami – Fort Lauderdale
  • New Times – Best Restaurants Miami – Fort Lauderdale

Read more about things to do, restaurants, hotels etc.;


  • Diving
  • Kiteboarding
  • Windsurfing
  • Fishing
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Shooting Range
  • Golf
  • Bowling
  • Exploring by Car
  • Yoga
  • Fitness Training
  • Rental bikes, scooters and cars
  • Hiking & Nature Walks
  • Tennis
  • Swimming

Medical Services

Emergency: 911

Doctor Search:

National Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222 /

Pharmacy Search:


The options of medical providers listed below is a limited selection of those available in the area. Some have previously been recommended in the Yacht Crew Facebook groups by other yachties. For full results, please do your own search online.


Carpe Diem Chiropractic
Address: 1650 SE 17 Street, Fort Lauderdale
Tel: 954-350-0077
Email: and via website
Web: https;//

Frank Chiropractic
Address: 1323 S Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale
Tel: 954-467-1900
Email: Via website

Innove Chiro & Rehab
Address: 905 SE 3rd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale
Tel: 954-641-2006

Tartack Chiropractic & Wellness
Address: 1222 S. Andrews Ave #501, Fort Lauderdale
Tel: 954-764-4042


Emergency Dentist:
Tel: 1 (888) 420-6826

AA Dental Associates
Address: 113 SW 11th Ct, Suite A, Fort Lauderdale
Tel: 954-463-7972
Email: or via website

Dentists of Fort Lauderdale
Address: 1865 Cordova Rd, Fort Lauderdale
Tel: 954-947-1458

Keith Erickson Moore
Address: 901 S Federal Hwy, Unit 301, Fort Lauderdale
Tel: 954-768-1981

Florida Smiles Dental
255 SE 14th ST #1A, Fort Lauderdale
Tel: 954-523-6525


Murray Smith
800 E Broward Blvd #507, Fort Lauderdale
Tel: 954-763-4331

Mark Bernhardt
1601 E. Broward Blvd, Victoria Park, Fort Lauderdale
Tel: 954-463-3421

Jerry Obed – Broward dermatology
500 South East 15st #108, Fort Lauderdale
Tel: 954-990-6591

Z-Roc Dermatology
2838 East Oakland Park Blvd., 2nd Floor
Fort Lauderdale
Phone: 954-564-0040

Doctors (Primary Care / USCG Medical, Norwegian Maritime Medical & ENG/1):

Dr Roche, Broward Medical Urgent Care (USCG Medical)
103 SE 20th Street, Fort Lauderdale
Tel: 954-462-7558

Dr E. Grenet (USCG Medical, ENG/1 & Norwegian Maritime Medical)
Health Medical Center 1489 SE 17 Suite 2
2nd Floor Southport Shopping Centre, Fort Lauderdale
Tel: 954-525-7595 / 855-525-7595

J. DeNobriga (ENG/1)
8198 S. Jog Road, Suite 100
Boynton Beach
Tel: 561 369 2908

Dr R. Greer IV (Eng/1 & USCG medical)
624 U.S. Highway #1
Lake Park (West Palm Beach)
Tel: 561 844 2464

Barry Poplaw (Norwegian Maritime Medical)
All Sea Medical, 11601 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami
Tel: +1 305 433 7111 / +1-855-525-5732

Ryan Naughtin (Norwegian Maritime Medical)
Comprehensive Health Orlando, 401 N Mills Ave Ste A,
Tel:+1 407 502 0073

* US seafarers, find answers to your medical certification questions in this USCG FAQ
**USCG application for medical certificate (Form CG-719K) can be downloaded here
***DOT/USCG Periodic Drug Testing Form (Optional CG-719P) can be downloaded here
**** MCA APPROVED DOCTORS OVERSEAS can be found here

***** An updated list of approved seafarer medics can be found on theNorwegian Maritime Authority’s page. Locations also include New York, New Orleans, Seattle, Houston, Las Vegas and Pasadena.

Doctors (Primary Care):

Locate a doctor
Dr Hector Di Carlo
500 SE 17th ST, Suite 110, Fort Lauderdale

Tel: 954 -533-1173


Languages: English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

Dr E. Grenet
Health Medical Centers 1489 SE 17 Suite 2
2nd Floor Southport Shopping Centre, Fort Lauderdale

Tel: 954-525-7595 / 855-525-7595




Broward General Hospital
Address: 1600 S Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale

Tel: 954-355-5760


Holy Cross Health
Address: 4725 North Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale

Tel: 954-771-8000 or


Urgent Care
Address: 1347 S Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale

Tel: 954-767-9999

Email: via website



Institute for Non-Surgical Orthopedics / Dr Joel Stein
Address: 4109 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale

Tel: 954-563-2707


Mobility Spine and Sports / Dr Darin Bush
Address: 3101 North Federal Highway, Suite 201,

Fort Lauderdale

Tel: 954-414-7080

Email: via website



Pharmacy Search:

A Plus Pharmacy & Medical Supply
1303 Se 17th St, D1 , Fort Lauderdale
Tel: 954-687-0774

Bg Pharmacy & Medical Supply
20 S Federal Hwy, Dania Beach

Tel: 954-551-8572

Best Health Pharmacy
331 Nw 27th Ave, Fort Lauderdale

Tel: 954-663-6653

CVS Pharmacy selected locations:
– 1 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale

– 1700 S Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale

– 17 S Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Suite 110

– 1150 NE 26th St, Wilton Manors

– 2240 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

– 3501 W Davie Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

Rehoboth Pharmacy
3338 Ne 34th St, Fort Lauderdale

Tel: 954-741-4000

Wahlgreens Pharmacy selected locations:
– 1680 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale

– 340 SR-84W, Fort Lauderdale

– 1201 S Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale

– 1515 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

– 1 W Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

– 700 W Broward Blvd

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