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Crew Housing

Crew Accommodation and Housing

Finding a roof over your head and a place to crash upon arriving at a new destination can be a daunting task. Fortunately, in this day and age, it is fairly easy to prepare ahead. However, it is worth keeping in mind that the yachting hubs tend to get very busy with crew houses known to be fully booked during these periods;

Antibes: March – June and end of September – October

Palma: March – June and end of September – October

Fort Lauderdale: Middle of January – June and September-November

Newport: May – September

Caribbean: End of November – March

If you decide to stay in a crew house, you are recommended to make a reservation WELL IN ADVANCE! It is always a good idea to bring a printed confirmation (or screenshots) just in case of problems with your booking. Please bear in mind that it can be challenging for some crew house owners to take reservations due to the nature of tenants coming and going at a random pace. For this reason, not all crew houses will take bookings far in advance.
NB: Some crew houses require tenants to present a Seaman’s Book, STCW certificate or a yachting CV.

You can also check these helpful sites, which will help you find alternative accommodation worldwide:

Unfortunately, contact information changes from time to time. To help others find up-to-date-information on the site, please report any broken links to

  • Facebook
    Of course, the biggest network to connect everyone. You can often find rooms for rent or ask for one in the Facebook group covering your destination. This is likely your most flexible option.
  • Roomster
    Roomster helps you find private rooms worldwide – great for small budgets!
  • is an awesome hostel-search engine, where you can see photos and compare hostels not just locally but also worldwide. You can also find hostel deals and see the location of the hostels in relation to the marinas. It is well worth checking out!
  • TripAdvisor
    TripAdvisor is always a good choice if you want to check the reviews before booking, whether it be a hotel, hostel, restaurant, bar etc. Discounts are often available from their platform as well.
  • FairBnB
    You may never have heard of FairBnB. This new platform shares their commission with a local community project each time you make a booking through them – without the host being paid less. This is “Community Powered Tourism” at its’ best!
  • AirBnB
    AirBnB allows you to find private accommodation in a safe environment worldwide. Perhaps not the cheapest form of housing, but if you are unable to book a room, a crew house or a hostel then this is a good place to continue your search for a place to stay.
  • Flipkey
    Flipkey is a great alternative to AirBnB and definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something a little more private.
  • Sublet
    Sublet is a brilliant site which helps you find rooms and apartments short term or long term worldwide.

This isn’t the end of all our crew housing – but for specific destinations on crew housing check out our destinations pages for a more comprehensive list.