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We want to use our website and Facebook pages to connect yachties to all the information you need. We want to provide a dynamic, friendly platform giving you access to up-to-date information and industry news (and a laugh while you’re at it!
We also want to raise awareness of the social and environments responsibility of the yachting community in order to help coastal societies and to leave a positive footprint behind. Ultimately, Palma Yacht Crew want to make life a little easier for everyone!
Share your delightful, hidden corners of the world!
And see in the delightful secrets already shared with us.

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Our guides aren’t just for newbies to the industry. Cultures can differ, laws change and what is ‘ok’ in Europe might be frowned upon in the Bahamas. See our guides to getting started, and check out our destinations for tips – from the restaurants and night life, to beaches and crew houses.


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