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Palma offers a fairly wide variety of training options for crew. All required courses are available for those looking to start out in yachting, while more experienced crew has the option to attend OOW and / or Master modules, Engineering courses and interior training courses, including G.U.E.S.T. modules.


  • Escuela del Mar (Español)                                            www.escueladelmar.net
  • Nautica Pro (Español)                                                    www.natutica.pro
  • Palma Sea School (RYA)                                                 www.palmaseaschool.com
  • Pollensa Training (RYA)                                                  www.pollensatraining.com
  • Solaris Sailing (RYA)                                                         www.solarissailing.com


  • Nautica Pro (Español)                                                       www.nautica.pro
  • Palma Sea School                                                               www.palmaseaschool.com


  • VIP Service School                                                              www.vipserviceschool.com

CHEF Training;

  • Galley Club                                                                             www.thegalleyclub.com

MEDICAL Training;