Crew agencies

CREW AGENCIES (for listings see below)

Crew agencies conduct business by providing yachts with qualified crew in line with the yacht’s specifications.

They are usually operated by ex-yacht crew, some of which can be very helpful (all depending on their current work load, of course).

Most yachts will be looking for experienced crew, why you as a newcomer to the industry may not benefit much from being signed up with the agencies before you have been in the industry for a season or two. Still, a great personality and good looks will open doors in the yachting industry (sorry, but that is just the reality of the industry…), so it never hurts introducing yourself.

Crew with special qualifications such as (but not limited to)

  • Chefs
  • Engineers
  • Merchant mariners
  • Medical professionals
  • Fitness coaches
  • Yoga teachers
  • Dive instructors
  • Watersport instructors
  • Sport fishing guides
  • Close protection personnel and military background
  • Michelin star level restaurant service experience
  • High end resorts experience
  • Luxury spa experience
  • Beauty- and hairdresser qualifications

will always be in relatively high demand, however. If you have any of these qualifications, even with no yachting experience, crew agents will still be interested in speaking to you and possibly place you on board a yacht.

For those without the above qualifications, fortunately there will always be yachts that don’t mind molding and shaping newbies into a professional yachtsman and a sailor of The Seven Seas. Most of these will prefer to hire crew straight off the dock or perhaps via Facebook partially to keep their expenses down and partially because they can meet you in person right there and then on the dock.

Signing up online

Signing up with crew agencies online can be very time consuming to say the least, so you are advised to do this prior to arriving in Antibes, Palma, Fort Lauderdale etc.

It can take anywhere between 1-2 hours per agency depending on how comprehensive their database is. They will need all the information off your CV, photos, electronic copies of your certificates and licenses and often also a bunch of other stuff.

Whenever you get a new certificate, daywork, temp-job or a permanent position remember to update your profile with the various agencies, so everything is up to date. You also need to keep your phone number/email address and location updated in the various crew agency data bases, as some clients specifically require crew to be located in the same location as the yacht. While you are looking for work, check-in on their website once or twice per week. It will usually be those candidates who checked in most recently that will be shortlisted for the open job positions. Once you land a job, change your status from “available” to “not available” to keep the agents in the loop of things. If you fail to do this, the crew agency will think you are still available and continue to contact you – in other words you waste their time.

Meeting the Crew Agent

 If you are a “greenie” looking for your first job, you will need to spend as much time dockwalking and networking as possible. This also includes introducing yourself to the various crew agents in person, even though (as mentioned above) crew agencies tend to place yacht crew with experience.

When you start arranging meetings with the agencies, it is important that you have signed up online prior to booking a meeting;  “have you signed up with us on our website?” will be the first thing they ask you, when you call to book your appointment.

A crew agent will easily receive anywhere between 25-100 CVs per day, while at the same time also receiving calls from all over the world, having emails to reply to etc. Still some agencies manage to take an extra minute or two to help you with CV pointers and advice, but if they don’t, now you know why.

So, where a good but not-so-busy crew agent will allocate  anywhere between 15-30 minutes for an interview, don’t be surprised if you are “out the door” after just 5-10 minutes. During the interview, the agent will ask you a bit about

  • your background
  • how you learned about working on yachts
  • which position you are looking for
  • your training related to the above position
  • any special skills that you may possess

If time allows, you can also ask a bit about their own yachting career and general advice about how to succeed landing your first job on a yacht. The agents are mostly very friendly and used to meeting newbies, but as mentioned above they do have a busy schedule.

It should be mentioned that there are stories about crew meeting up drunk, high, unshaven, filthy, smelly and late for their interview. Don’t be one of these. Not only will you waste the agent’s time, you will also screw it up for yourself. To the contrary, be there 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time, dress like a yachtsman and be clean cut – it will be noticed! If you happen to run late or can’t make it for your interview, call ahead and let them know. Any agent will appreciate that – and they will remember you for it.

Be Honest

IMPORTANT; Don’t spin up stories but be honest about your intentions and your background. Avoid providing incorrect information on your CV as well. Crew agents have heard all the stories over and over again and again. They can spot dishonest crew and will only deal with those, they can trust.

YOU Represent the Crew Agency Onboard

So, you got the job – absolutely brilliant!! Something many tend to forget is that the crew agent is also a human with emotions and feelings like everyone else. Show your gratitude and say thank you. Perhaps bring/send flowers or a bottle of wine / champagne. Although not strictly necessary, you will stand out from the crowds and definitely be remembered next time you need help to find a new gig.

Once you are on board your new vessel, something many crew tend to forget is that

Crew agencies are not just a “service” for crew to find work. They are in business to provide yachts with the best crew members currently available on the market. If you get hired, keep in mind that YOU are the product AND the representative of that agency during your entire tenure onboard!

As with most other businesses, crew agencies rely on repeat business from their clients. If you perform well, show some longevity (preferably one year or more) then it is very likely they will place you on an even better program next time. Building a strong professional working relationship with just a handful of agencies can really pay off to your own future benefit!

MLC Compliant Crew Agencies

Some agencies are listed as “MLC Compliant”. This indicates that they adhere to regular audits and certain standards aimed at protecting seafarers and making the maritime industry safer. In theory you should be in “safer hands” with an MLC compliant crew agency, although some non-MLC compliant agencies (but not all) are well-established with a very good reputation in the industry. To learn what you should expect from a MLC compliant crew agency, you can (and should) read more about this in regulation 1.4 of the Maritime Labour Convention,  2006.

Last but not least, according to the MLC 2006 no crew agency is allowed to charge you for finding work. The only costs that can be charged to you are those for obtaining your national statutory medical certificate (such as the ENG/1), your national seafarers’ book, your passport or similar travel documents. The costs of visas must be paid for by the ship’s owner. For more info on “The Seafarers’ Bill of Rights” (MLC 2006) go to

If you experience any of this, ditch the agency/web service and move on to a reputable agency. A list of those, you will find on this site in the crew agency listings.


With the abundance of crew agencies, job sites and recently also apps – and Facebook, where do you go to find the latest and the best crew positions on yachts, if not through your own personal network? Palma Yacht Crew has compiled a list of the majority of such sites and agencies for you to use. Some will have more jobs than others. Those marked with a * are MLC compliant crew agencies. You can learn more about what that entails below in the “About Crew Agencies” section above.




Magnus Yachting                                    Zadar       


Maritime Moments                               Larnaca    

France / Monaco

Abacus March*                                       Antibes       

AYC Superyacht Rec.                           Monaco       

Bluewater Yachting*                            Antibes       

Camper & Nicholsons*                       Antibes       

Cosmo-Crew*                                         Antibes       

Crew Network*                                      Antibes       

D & B Services                                        Antibes                 www.dandbservices.

Diana Corell                                            Antibes       

French Riviera Yacht & Crew*          Nice             

Hemisphere Crew Solutions*         Monaco      

Hill Robinson Crew*                            Antibes      

Infinite Yachts                                        Golfe Juan

IYC Crew*                                                 Monaco     

JMS Crew*                                               Monaco    

Luxury Yacht Group*                          Antibes     

Main Raise                                              Antibes     

Marine Scence                                      Vallauris   

Monaco Equipage                               Monaco    

MS Yachts                                               Cannes     

Pemberton Browne*                         Nice           

Recrewt*                                                Antibes     

Riviera Crew                                         Antibes     

Searchlight Crew*                             Antibes      

7 East Yachts                                        Antibes      

SYM Crew                                              Golfe Juan

The Crew Hunter*                             Golfe Juan

Titan Fleet                                            Golfe Juan 

TMC Yachting                                      Monaco       

Vibrant Yachting                                Antibes        

YPI Crew*                                              Antibes        

West Nautical                                      Antibes        




MedCrew                                              Athens           


My Yacht Crew                                   Aalsmeer      


Crew Network*                                 Viareggio      

Marineria                                             Roma             

SCS Yachting                                     Genoa            


SCS Yachting                                    Valletta         


IYC Crew *                                         Tivat               

Stellamar Employment

Solutions                                           Tivat               


A-Z Yachting*                                  Palma              

Alba Crew                                         Palma              

Barcelona Crew                             Barcelona      

Bluewater Yachting*                    Palma              

Crew & Concierge*                        Palma             

Crew Network*                               Palma             

Earth & Sea Elite

Lifestyle Management*              Palma              

El Crew Co                                        Palma              

Elite Chefs                                        Palma              

Elite Crew Intl.*                              Barcelona      

Flow Yacht Crew                            Palma              

Global Crew Services*                Palma               

Hill Robinson Crew*                    Palma               

Invisible Crew                                Palma               

IYC Crew*                                         Barcelona       

Luxury Yacht Group*                  Palma                

Mymuybueno*                              Palma                

Rooster Recruitment                  Palma                 

Sovren Crew*                                 Palma                 

Van Allen Crew                               Palma                


Yachting Sweden                         Stockholm


YMG Crew                                Wollerau  


Yacht Crew Turkey                      Bodrum   

Yacht Crew 4 You                                     

United Kingdom

19 London                                 London    

Aviso Agency                             Reading   

Bachmann Yachts                        Lee on Solent

Bespoke Crew*                           New Milton

Blackspot Crew*                         Edinburgh

Clyde Marine Recruit.*                Glasgow              

Crew Seekers                              Eastleigh  

Crewteria*                                  London    

DMB Yachting Group*                Cotswold 

Dohle Yacht Crew*                      Douglas   

Fast Stream*                              Southampton.

Fiducs Crewing*                         Isle of Man

Grey Coat Lumleys                      London    

Insignia Crew     *                      Bristol     

J4 Crew*                                   Manchester

Kilo Recruitment*                       Leeds      

Knot Spirit*                               London    

Luxury Yacht Group*                   Southampton

Morello Yachting*                       Dorset     

Navis-Consulting                                    Hampshire

One Ocean*                                London    

Oyster Crew*                              Southampton

Quay Crew*                               Poole      

Robson Crew*                            Bournemouth

Saltwater Recruitment*                 Norwich   

Sea Daine Recruitment*                Douglas   

Sea Gem International*                 Bournemouth

Seaward Crew                             Surrey     

Silverswan Recruitm.                   London    

Sphere Yachting                          Worchester

Super Yacht Crew*                      Ringwood

Superyacht Crewagency*               London    

Vanessa Hodgson                                    Lymington

Vantage Yacht Recruitment*          Cheltenham

Viking Recruitment*                    Dover



West Nautical*                           Newcastle 

Wilson Halligan*                                    Southampton

Yacht Crew Consultants*              London    



Yacht Crew Register*                   Vancouver                        

United States

Bluewater Yachting*                    Fort Lauderdale                 

British American                         Fort Lauderdale                 

Cotton Crews                             West Palm Beach              

Crew Finders Intl                                    Fort Lauderdale                 

Crew Network*                           Fort Lauderdale                 

Crew Solutions                           Fort Lauderdale                 

Denison Yacht Crew                    Fort Lauderdale                 

Elite Crew Intl.*                         Fort Lauderdale                 

Fox Crew Placement                    Fort Lauderdale                 

Hill Robinson Crew*                   Fort Lauderdale                 

IYC Crew*                                 Fort Lauderdale                 

Great Lakes



Lacasse Maritime                         Seattle                             

Luxury Yacht Group*                   Annapolis                        

Fort Lauderdale

San Diego

Moran Yachts                             Fort Lauderdale                 


Neptune Crew                             Fort Lauderdale                 

Northrup & Johnson                    Fort Lauderdale                 

Palm Beach Yachts                      West Palm Beach                          

Preferred Crew                             Fort Lauderdale                 

Salt Placement                            Palm Beach / The Hamptons

Sea Dog Maritime Recruitment      Fort Lauderdale                 

Ship to Shore                             Newport                           

Sportable Crew                           Fort Lauderdale                 

Superyacht Crew Placement           Fort Lauderdale                 

Yacht Crew International               Fort Lauderdale                 

Yachties International*                 Fort Lauderdale                 

Wilson Crew Management                        Fort Lauderdale                 


Anchor Concierge & Superyacht Services     Falmouth Harbour 

Yacht Search Recruitment             Falmouth Harbour             


IYC Crew*                                 Nassau                             

St Maarten

IYC Crew*                                 Isle de Sol Marina             

Oceans & Rivers                         St Maarten                                 N/A (

Palapa Marina                             Palapa Marina                   



AYC Superyacht Recruit.              Claremont            

Captain’s Crew Agency                                          

Capel Crew Recruitment               Pottsville, NSW   

Champion Crewing                      Whitsundays, QL  

Chapman Yacht Management         Whitsundays        

Coastal Yachting Recruitment        Gold Coast           

Crew Pacific                               Cairns                 

Hill Robinson Crew*                   Gold Coast           

Infinity Yachting                         Brisbane              

Luxury Yacht Group*                   Sydney                

MYS Superyacht Crew                 Sydney                

Superyacht Crew International*      Sydney                

Yacht Support Australia                Brisbane                          

New Zealand

37 South                                                Auckland             

Integrated Marine                         Auckland             

Luxury Yacht Group*                   Auckland             

Our Marine                                 Auckland             

Tidal Yachting*                          Auckland             

Viking Recruitment*                    Auckland             

ASIA & Middle East 


Crew Placement Middle                East Dubai           

Silver Swan Recruitment              Dubai                  


Crew Asia                                  Cebu, Manila        

Viking Recruitment                     Manila                 


Asia Yacht Crew                         Phuket                 

AYC Crew                                 Phuket                 


Yacht Chefs

Amandine Chefs*                        Antibes/London/Fort Lauderdale/New York

Elite Chefs                                 Palma                                          

Mymuybueno Chefs*                   Palma                                   

Sea Chef Services*                       Antibes                                        

Yacht Chef Agency                      Antibes/London/Fort Lauderdale      

Yacht Chefs*                              Antibes                                        

Interior Crew

Flow Yacht Crew                                    Palma                                                    www.flowyachtcrew

My Muy Bueno Interior*              Palma                                 

Engineers & ETOS

J4Crew*                                                Manchester           

Robertson ETOs*                                    Web                    

Technical Yacht Solutions            Malta                  

Yacht Engineering                       Varna, Bulgaria     

Fitness-, Massage- and Yoga Instructors

Angels On Board                         Palma      

Medical Crew

Medaire                                     Web Membership/medical-personnel-placement/



Crew HQ                                                             

International–Crew Solutions*                  

JF Recruiting                                                        


Port Profile                                                           

Rooster Recruitment                                              

Salty Jobs                                                            



Yacht Crew Support                                   





YOA Your Own Agency*                                       


Yotly Crew                                                        







Sovren Crew                                                         



PLEASE HELP us keep this list of crew agencies up to date. It is no secret agencies come and go, so if you know of a new one or spot a link that is not working, please contact Palma Yacht Crew at .